Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dark Shadows gif.

I'm such a fan of Dark Shadows and all their layers of "just wrong".

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Quentin Collins figure

I recently bought the 12 inch Dark Shadows figure of Quentin Collins, a product from Majestic Studios. It wasn't only hard to find but there wasn't easy to find pictures of it either, so therefore I'll post some here.

It's well sculpted and has a very close resemblance to actor David Selby, of course with a very Quentin-esque aura of a snarky personality.


I'm not completely sure about the profile of the nose though, Selby's nose looks a tad smaller to me.

Since he was an werewolf a extra werewolf head and sets of arms are added with him.

I do find both the head-sculpts very good, they have lots of details and the paint is layered in different shades. Although it looks good the werewolf head isn't 100% accurate, in the series the tip of his nose is black and the eyes weren't blue as Selby's because stuntman Alex Stevens portrayed all the Dark Shadows werewolves.
Also the werewolf hands are very well done.

I really appreciate the multi layered clothing. Quentin has a whole shirt and west under his jacket and even socks in his shoes. This is not always the case with some figures I've bought.
A nit-pick I have is that the tie looks a bit sloppy made, it's very simple and not very wide as the one seen in the series. There's no pin for the tie either. This is something I can easily fix though.

The body is quite thin and has a impressive amount of joints. Not all of them are seen in this picture, the feet can be turned in many angles thanks to ball-joints. The neck is attached at two points, between the shoulders is a ball-joint, so it's possible to tilt the neck a little.

His right hand looks like it's supposed to hold something, he probably wants a glass of brandy.

Ready to attack, watch out.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Unforgettable (1996)

I just finished watching a film I'd never heard about before today, which is strange because the actor is very well known to me. Ray Liotta stars as doctor David Krane in this far fetched sci-fi thriller directed by John Dahl.
After being acquitted of the brutally murder of his wife Dr. David Krane can't get the thought about finding the real murderer out of his mind. Although he were able to keep his job, his two daughters have been removed from his care.
When a scientist, Martha Briggs, presents her study of a drug mixed with spinal fluid which can transfer memories Krane sees this as a chance to find the killer by entering his dead wife's memories. He amazingly manage to do so but with the effect of straining his heart.

Yes, this is far-fetched science but I've been able to accept similar deus ex machinas in for example Brainstorm and Inception, so why not this spinal fluid drug too?
The phasing of the movie is a bit uneven, there is a long chasing scene which I wished was a little shorter. I guessed the point was to let Krane go through a situation that would worsen his heart condition but the scene came a bit off as a filler. Although I could say the same about many of the memory scenes, they're later revealed to have a more direct point to them than the first-impression gave.

Ray Liotta's David Krane comes off as stubborn, impatient and irresponsible. He also have a past of heavy drinking and violent tantrums, he is in other words the perfect suspect. Still it's impossible not to have some faith in him. Ray Liotta was a good choice for the character, he really knows how to act questionable types.

Unforgettable is visually well made but what stands out for me is the orchestration by Christopher Young and Pete Anthony which adds a lot to the mood of the film.

Overall I think watching the movie was time well spent. There's a lot of suspense, the ending is not obvious and it does a good job of creating the disorientation and strain Krane goes through by being imprinted by other's memories.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The future is often so gloomy.

I've been watching some strange films in my life and science fiction gives film-makers an opportunity to really go for the weird aesthetic. Metropia looks a bit creepy at times because the actors in this film look a lot like cgi Gerry Anderson puppets with natural texture, eeek.  

The story is set sometime in the future and Europe is connected by an underground travelling net. It's not so often I get to watch a dark gritty future set in Europe but we have such a dark and gritty past so why not.

As with so many futures the anxiety of a government's or a huge corporation's control over individuals is the focal point. As usual with this types of films the control is build further on the basis on what the depressing reality already is. In Metropia it's sure getting depressing, only a strand of hair on our body is enough to listen to our thoughts and communicate new ideas into our minds.  Also all the television sets are equipped with hidden cameras so big-shot corporation creeps can spy on everyday people.

The style of the film is interesting and it's funny how aware I get of texture when all the people and clothes look like little dolls. I paid more attention to the visuals than the story which I felt didn't offer me much new material in this genre.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

I've been watching that mathematician guy part 2

I Think I better just divide those Goldblum posts. I've learned now to never try to make posts that feel like a never-ending burden instead of fun.

"Are we limp and hard to manage?"
Mac in Earth Girls Are Easy.

A bewildered Gina Davis, mmmmm.

This is clearly not the most challenging acting job Goldblum ever had. 
His job here is to be good looking, I must give him credit for doing it remarkably well. This character solely exists so that female viewers first can go "Wow!" and then "Awwwww." 
He's first introduced as an alien blue fur-ball which travels in a tiny colorful spaceship together with two wacky hornballs (Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans).

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

Why this guy?
As mentioned Goldblum is hired in as eye candy and love interest of the female lead (Gina Davis). He appears as innocent and learning, he doesn't protest when he's given a dashing make-over and he's the neatest lover in movie history. He has this weird LSD-love touch which comes in handy throughout the film. Oh..and he wiggles his blue furry ears, how cute is that?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My Elevation Bono with flying elephant.

I loved the flying elephant in U2's Elevation video.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Just one more thing....

I'm sad now, I loved watching this guy. Peter Falk, the man who was famous for his portrayal of the scruffy looking Lt. Columbo. He lived a long life and was an active actor until 2009. He was such fun to watch, awesome actor. His deliveries were full of life, his gestures, his facial expressions, all the talent needed to build up a believable character.

He looked clever, even when acting dumb, something Columbo often did to trick the villains.

I need to plan a Peter Falk marathon now (weep).